How to maximise exposure for your business with key banner placement


For many HR departments, marketing your product is essential. However, many of us spend more of our time actually redesigning our marketing ideas instead of considering where we are going to place them. After all, if you place them in the wrong spot, then your exposure could dramatically fall.

To get the best return possible on your ad spend, it’s crucial to place your marketing material somewhere where it will gain maximum exposure. But where is this? It could be anywhere from your business’ window to trade show, so read on for more pull-up banner placement tips from commercial print company, Where The Trade Buys.

Highlight your brand at exhibitions

According to Eventbrite, the UK events industry is worth £42.3 billion and 1.3 million business events are held annually. Do you make the most of this? Whether your company is a regular at corporate exhibitions or you only attend a few each year, it’s vital that you make the most of your time at trade shows and business events. Corporate hospitality accounts for around £1.2 billion, while exhibitions comprise £11 billion and conferences make up the lion’s share at £19.9 billion! Clearly, this industry is big business and it’s one place you don’t want your business to miss out. But, how do you maximise your exposure when you’re surrounded by so many other brands?

These events are physical, so give people an ‘in-your-face’ approach. Have you ever attended an event and saw how businesses use pull-up banners? Of course you have, and that’s because this kind of advertising gives people a tangible reminder of your brand and does so to greater effect than digital ads. In fact, a study in America showed that participants who viewed print media showed a greater emotional response towards is and recalled the information provided on it a lot easier than they were able to for digital ads. To stand out from your competitors at a major recruitment exhibition and be able to entice people to come to your station, design an attractive, descriptive pull-up banner and place it next to your stand. If you’ve create a tool that’s eye-catching, potential partners and employees will be drawn towards your table and this will allow you to discuss the key details of your business.


Utilise your business’ reception

A pull-up banner can really highlight your brand and welcome any visitor. Its sleek but noticeable dimensions help it to stand conspicuously in the corner of your foyer or next to your reception desk, without cluttering the room.

If you have recently expanded your range, reached a milestone year or picked up an award, corporate achievements are important to consumers. Be sure to provide space to advertise your success stories. According to studies, it only takes a tenth of a second for us to have an impression of something. This certainly isn’t a long time in which to portray your brand in a positive light. Make sure you use this wisely by designing an eye-catching pull-up banner that highlights interesting information about your company.

Even if your office space doesn’t have a reception area, simply place your pull-up banner just inside the entrance and this can have the same powerful marketing affect and is another great way to boost ROI.


Stand out at award shows

In a similar way that you can gain extra business at trade shows and corporate events, award shows are an ideal location to get extra exposure for your business and its brand. They are something to celebrate and there are countless ceremonies for whatever industry you may be involved in. So, how can you hallmark your brand when you’re surrounded by competitors at a special event?

Unless stated otherwise, be sure to use this time to create a pull-up banner. Some awards events are a very business-based scenario which can go on all day before eventually reaching the awards ceremony. In this instance, make sure you are promoting your brand on social media and YouTube. A creative, pull-up banner that has your brand logo stamped on it alongside key information will work wonders to inform prospective customers or employees.

As a Canadian study found, 75% of people will remember you brand better if they spotted it via print media. However, only two-fifths were said to able to recall the company after seeing it on a digital platform.

If you bear these placement tips in mind, you should maximise your ROI with pull-up banners and make 2018 a successful year for your brand.


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