6 Essentials to become the bestsellers on Amazon


Everyone wants their product to be the next big thing. Well, with good marketing practices it really isn’t that hard to get your product out there. Some people may say that the internet, especially Amazon, is over saturated with products, but this truly isn’t the case. Amazon gets millions of eyes each day looking to buy all kinds of products. As long as your product is good at what it does, priced competitively, and marketed well there is nothing stopping it or you from becoming a best seller on Amazon.

Articles can be written about ensuring top quality products, how to price your product, and how to successfully market your product. This article you have in front of you is going to focus on the later and teach you how to successfully promote and market your product with 6 essential steps. These steps are nothing challenging but will catapult your sells higher and higher the more effort you put into them.



Build your Brand with Social Media

You need to have a presence on as many social media areas as possible. You should have a Facebook page for your products as well as your company as a whole. Your company should also have a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and even a Pinterest account. Each form of social media needs to be used a little differently. Facebook is great for linking post from your blog to so it will get more eyes, while Twitter works well for interacting with your fans and having simple tweets or polls. Instagram is great for posting images of your products, especially if the use can be confusing, and Pinterest you can also share fun images or informative blog post from your website.


Maximize SEO

You know you want to have SEO for your website and in your blog post, but you also need to include SEO on your Amazon product page. This can be done by including relevant keywords in the product title. However, it doesn’t stop there. You need to write a product description that is rich in content as well as relative keywords. Also, it is important to fill out all the available areas for your Amazon product. You don’t want to leave things blank because this means that you are giving up valuable space to put keywords and help people find your product. That means you want to include key features, as well as any other information you can. Putting too much information on your Amazon page is not possible as long as it is wrote well, and is relevant.


Advertise your Product Early

To create a bestselling product, you want to drive buzz for it. This means posting early on into the production of it, and also posting often about it. Some ways to post early and drive buzz is doing an image reveal of what the final product is going to look like or do a package reveal. You might even want to do a poll on which package designed should be used or do a package design contest. You can also post maybe about how you designed this new product. You could do an interview of what gave you the idea to make the product. Be creative when trying to create hype for a product. You have to be unique and stand out to create buzz for your product and also post regularly so that buzz doesn’t go away before the product comes out. Even after the product comes out you want to keep posting about it to keep people talking about it.


Getting Product Reviews

Another great way to get buzz for your product is letting people review it. One of the most powerful tools for getting people to see your review is partnering with YouTube creators. They will use your product and create a video showing it or explaining it. Some channels will make really fun videos of them using the product or being silly. You want to find channels that have a large following and will be trust worth. Reviews on people’s blogs also help as their following will read about your product. Reviews are great for building backlinks which helps with your sites SEO. Amazon reviews are also extremely important because the better they are the higher your product will rank in Amazon searches. You want to make sure your product is top quality to ensure that the reviews you get on Amazon are positive. Bad reviews can ruin a product quickly.


Have a Website and a Blog on it

Your company must have a website. You need a spot that is 100% your own that you can direct people to so they can learn about your product. Your website tells about who you are as a company and everything you offer. It also gives a way for people to order directly from you or a way for you to redirect them to Amazon to buy your product. You should also have a blog on your website. A blog is important because it gives you a way to make more content for people to stumble upon when doing a web search. You should write fun post that people want to read and link to. They can be about how to use the product, but can also be other fun things such as fun facts about the product. The sky is the limit on what your blog posts are about.


Stand out From the Crowd

Your product description is an important area where you can stand out from your competitors. You can list the differences of your product there. Other ways to stand out from your competition is to customize your product. Add your logos, make different colors or let people order the color they want, and other things along these lines. Lastly, you can stand out by offering bundles of your products at a small discount. For example, if you are selling knives, then offer them as singles, a three piece set, a five piece set, and so on. Also, you don’t have to have the lowest price to stand out, instead add extra value. Back to the knife example include a single holder with the single or a knife block with the larger package. Also, you could include a knife sharpener as a bonus. Being creative is one of the best ways to stand out from your competition.


On to Success

Becoming a best seller on Amazon isn’t as hard as some people think as long as you put the work into it. The key to a successful product is marketing right. Start early on building hype for your product, and post often about your product to keep the hype up. Use different forms of social media to target different audiences, and lastly provide rich content that makes people see the need for your product.


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